Saturday, February 26, 2011

So whose money is it, really?

I'm talking about the money you make at work.

Is it really yours -- that money that you earned -- or is it the government's -- to give you an "allowance" after they have taken out all their taxes?

We say that it is ours, then act like it's theirs.

Priscilla Petty at The American Thinker expands on this idea in a piece that is well worth reading. Here's an excerpt that gives you the flavor:
How can any thinking business person plan ahead when politicians have taken away from them the ability to project business plans ahead?  How can a business prosper when business leaders must make business decisions based on potential ever-changing tax policy?  Politicians are so unknowing that they don't understand that stability of tax rules and of regulations is necessary for a system to work. Politicians fail to look at the whole system but focus on the pieces.  The business which does not take into account the vagaries and whims of today's U.S. government will not survive economically.
We have reached the point where we must take back what is rightfully ours.*

* Disclaimer: I am a public employee, but I am not referring to imagined public employee rights under collective bargaining. I am writing of the tax dollars we all pay.

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PhreedomPhan said...

Ms. Petty makes a serious error in thinking the politicians don't know what they are doing. I'll remind you of the New Deal "blunders."