Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inglourious basterds

AlterNet, via The Liberty Voice, reports that Hosni Mubarak is far from the only -- or even the worst -- dictator supported by the United States government. Some of the others pocket billions of earnings from their countries' oil deposits, boil opponents to death, and allow their minions to molest young women, but stay on our good side by buying Boeings for their air forces.

The article is well worth reading, but if you are easily sickened, you might want to take a Tums or Zantac first.

And then we wonder why people in other countries hate us, even to the point of wanting to commit terrorism. Or why some of us think Ohio independence might be a good idea...


PhreedomPhan said...

Of course Mubarak is not the worst. Barack Obama has him beaten by a mile. And then, of course, there were Bush, Clinton, Bush and a long list back at least to Woodrow Wilson and Teddy R.

BTW, you've got a typo there. You hit "e" instead of "a" in "bastards." Or did you mean to type "basturds?"

Harold Thomas said...

The "typo" is intentional (for that matter, "inglourious" isn't the usual spelling, either). It is a reference to the movie title, except in the post, the "basterds" are not working for a good cause.