Wednesday, February 2, 2011

End the hypocrisy

Charlie Earl's Facebook page is dotted with daily three-word mottoes. I'm going to borrow the technique for one day and say, end the hypocrisy.

Update Feb. 2:  Lew Rockwell weighs in on the Republican hypocrisy of saying we can't be forced to buy health care, but can be forced to pay Social Security and other people's healthcare (Medicare and Medicaid). He has a point, and suggests that we challenge House Speaker John Boehner on the point.

Most of the problems America faces today are the result of governmental hypocrisy, particularly on the federal level:
  • President Obama says he wants to help the little guy, but continues to support the Federal Reserve Bank and large transfers of wealth to New York bankers.
  • They say they want to increase jobs, while pursuing stimulus packages that kill them.
  • The Congress says it wants to reduce the deficit, while taking less than baby steps to do so. The Republicans originally said they wanted to cut federal spending by $100 billion (a paltry figure when the deficit is $1,800 billion (= $1.8 trillion) -- now they are talking about a whole $50 billion. Chump change at the federal level.
  • The Eastern liberals want to make our political debate more civil, while they polarize us with phony charges of "racism."
And, worst of all (at the moment):
  • We tell the world that we support "democracy," while we prop up ruthless dictators like Hosni Mubarak. 
We will not begin to recover until the feds get the message. Right now, they are like children holding their ears and shouting "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

So we have to get their attention, and the way to do that is at the state level:
  • Nullify everything in sight that the feds do that is not in strict conformance with the Constitution.
  • Promote the use of silver in everyday transactions, which will destroy the power of the Federal Reserve Bank without any federal action being taken.
  • Speak freely, as long as we genuinely believe it is the truth. We don't need anyone's permission -- not the feds', not the Southern Poverty Law Center's, not some academic's -- to say what we think.
We must also get Congress to eliminate all military aid to other countries immediately. End humanitarian aid to countries where we know it is fostering corruption. Get out of the Middle East and Afghanistan, and begin withdrawing from Europe and the rest of the world (with the possible exception of South Korea -- and I'm not completely sure about that).

The purpose of our government is to support the lives, liberties, and opportunities of the American people. Nothing else. We have strayed far from that purpose, but it is our duty as citizens to insist that the federal government rededicate itself to that purpose.

If we cannot do this through many states nullifying many laws, then it will be time for us to declare independence -- but first, we must become more independent in our hearts. And the first step toward that is to demand that our governments

End the hypocrisy!

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