Thursday, February 3, 2011

The politics of racism

From Champion of Liberty Elizabeth Wright in her Issues and Views sidebar:

Racism is not "sin"

Over the years, as whites have worked to defend themselves against the charge of "racism," they have validated this slur by giving it greater importance than it deserves, and thereby helped to institutionalize it as the world's greatest "sin." As to genuine sin, harboring negative thoughts concerning some group is much further down the list of human deficiencies than bombing Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden and Hamburg, or hacking to death with machetes the men, women and children of an enemy tribe. Now, those are sins! Seeking to force "diversity" down the throats of an unreceptive segment of society is the religious mission of rabid, agenda-driven ideologues. None of this apparent concern for "social justice" has ever been about virtue. It's about power.

Note that the headline is Ms. Wright's, not mine.

Follow the link to "It's about power" and read that post with its comments. The racial situation in this country is not what we are told. I have many coworkers and a few friends who are black, and most of them think more like Elizabeth Wright than like the so-called "civil rights" leaders.

If we think at all for ourselves, we are individuals, not puppets of groupthink. Those who find power in the status quo actually demean everyone by trying to force individuals into arbitrary groupings (and anyone who attempts to find a scientific basis for "race" will soon learn just how arbitrary those groupings are!)

In fact, I will go a step farther: The ultimate purpose of the liberty movement is to free people to think and act as individuals. One of my favorite quotations, from a source I cannot identify, is: "God made us unique, and then we go and spoil it by trying to be normal." Liberty is society's (and our own) permission to be the unique person God made us to me.

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