Monday, December 6, 2010

Good news -- the Food Safety Bill is apparently dead on arrival

The Congress has been playing so fast and loose with the Constitution lately, that it has tripped itself up on internal procedures! Case in point, from the New American,* quoting Natural News and Roll Call:

While Democratic Senators touted the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act as an “accomplishment,” conservatives and constitutionalists begged to differ. It appears, however, Americans may have run into some luck as a “blue slip mistake” may halt the bill in its tracks. Two different versions of the Food Safety Modernization Act were passed, one in the House and one in the Senate. The Senate version, touted as the softer one, passed earlier this week by a vote of 73-25. However, the two versions of the bill need to be reconciled, but the lame-duck’s full agenda inhibited the possibility of conference talks. The Hill reported that it was more likely that the House would approve the Senate version instead.

The House has rejected the bill, however.

In its haste to pass the Act, the Senate may have “forgotten” that it is the sole role of the House of Representatives to initiate new taxes. As the Food Safety Modernization Act creates taxes, the House, which was preparing to vote on the Senate version of the bill, must reject it.

If it doesn't pass now, it should not have any chance in the next Congress. Should, meaning "ought to, not necessarily will or must." The eternal vigilance rule still applies.

* Standard disclaimer. Yes, I know who publishes The New American, but (with occasional unfortunate exceptions), I judge such sources on the reliability of their sources. The New American usually contains very solid journalism.

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