Saturday, December 4, 2010

Disciple of Liberty

Christians awake! And once you do, Jason Rink will explain to you why it is the duty of a Christian to participate in the system as an activist for freedom.

In his book Disciple of Liberty, he begins by describing how a young, politically apathetic Christian pastor became inspired to become a passionate political activist, and the questions about faith and authority he had to resolve. He then lists seven priorities that every Christian patriot should have: define the limits of authority, demand fidelity to the Constitution, defend liberty for all people, despise debt, demand honest money, desire peace with all nations, and disciple others in liberty. In each chapter he comments on relevant Bible references and cites works of the Founding Fathers in support of his points. He also provides texts of the Declaration of Independence, the original Constitution, and the Bill of Rights for easy reference.

The book is not long (about 100 pages, excluding the documents) and very easy to read. Most people will be able to read the entire book in an evening or two. For a limited time, he is giving away .pdf files of the book from his website. The printed version is also available for $14.95, plus shipping and handling.

Jason lived in Columbus before moving to Austin, Texas, about a year ago. I know him personally, and we have worked together on the "Introduction to Liberty and the Constitution" videos that appear on my Links page and other projects for the Ohio Freedom Alliance. He is also publisher of The Liberty Voice, in which I am a columnist.

While I have been aware of the book for some time, I did not take the opportunity to read it until now. I heartily endorse it, not only for yourself, but as a gift to anyone who needs to understand the Biblical basis for liberty and be motivated to join the movement that seeks to restore it in our country today.

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