Thursday, April 29, 2010

Revolution in the air -- at least in some states

Timothy Baldwin is an attorney who has extensively researched issues of nullification and secession. In recent weeks, he has posted excellent insights to several blogs generally expressing the view that Americans need either to embrace the coming revolution, or accept the long-term loss of their liberties.

In this article, "A 'Keener' Whiff of Revolution," posted in the Liberty Defense League website, Mr. Baldwin observes that some states appear destined to become leaders in that revolution, because they have already adopted legislation to counter some of the excesses of federal government. On his list are Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Alaska.

On the other hand, he observes that there will always be those who, benefitting from the existing system, will resist any attempts at change. Quoting Thomas Paine, he writes:

“INTERESTED MEN, who are not to be trusted; WEAK MEN who cannot see;
PREJUDICED MEN who will not see; and a certain set of MODERATE MEN, who think better of the European world than it deserves…[The moderate men] will be the cause of more calamities to this continent than all the other three.” [all-caps emphasis Baldwin's]

Those classes of people exist today in large part, and we see its effect today. Immediately in observation, we evidently find that a large number of coastal-west, mid-north and north-east states will not participate in freedom’s revolution, because they will not consider themselves to be under any sort of tyranny or despotism. They prefer (whether knowingly or not) socialism, big government, elimination of state powers, status quo, etc. These states would likely even preclude the possibility of a constitutional amendment some are advocating to “roll back” the federal government.

Even among the “Tea Party” movement, the idea of revolution is not altogether shared. Many of them simply believe that we should “vote the [bums] out” or should use the (federal) court system to “regain freedom.” This mentality shows that they are federal-government-risk averse, likely and largely because they either believe that the federal government is “too strong” to resist (they say, “look at the Civil War: the federal government will crush our attempts to secede or resist them!”); that the federal laws are in fact supreme over state laws and thus, we must change the federal government to restore freedom; or that the union must be saved at all costs and so any State that resists and acts individually upon its own sovereignty is foolish.

Ohioans would seem to be among those who are in denial, in Mr. Baldwin's view. I agree that there are many (probably a majority) among us who feel that way. Certainly, the majority in the Ohio House of Representatives and of the state's elected officials are "federal-government-risk-avers". I have frequently commented on that tendency in Ohio House Speaker Armond Budish. We should therefore salute the courage of Reps. Kyle Jordan and Jarrod Martin, and Sen. Timothy Grendell in bucking the trend to press for greater freedom for all Ohioans.

However, Ohio is not a "blue" state. Nor is it a "red" state. It is a rich purple. With respect to the coming revolution, I anticipate that Ohio will again become the battleground state that it has been in recent Presidential elections.

Mr. Baldwin continues:

Even if a state possesses people who understand they are living in despotism, they will likely be so overwhelmed and overcome by the state and federal government–not to mention the other people who view them as “terrorists”–that they will not be able to ... forget their state government and go forth with revolution.

Compare that scenario with people who live in a state where the state government not only supports the revolution but also participates in and leads it... I believe we are essentially at that point already.

Ohioans who would restore our liberties must be persistent in persuading their friends and neighbors that the "revolution" is a cause that will benefit us far more than the costs it will entail. This fall's election can be the opportunity for Ohio to break out of the cocoon of fear, and fly with the states who are leading the charge for freedom. Under the current system, it is probably impossible to change Congress; but changing the Ohio General Assembly is well within our grasp -- and should be the focus of Ohio's liberty movement in the months to come.

Virtual buckeye to Bill Miller at Secession and Nullification News and Information.

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