Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Starving the beast

Last week's Tea Parties didn't tell us anything that was really new. We all know that government -- especially the federal government -- has turned from what American Revolution called a benign beast of burden, into a hydra -- a snake with many heads. When one is cut off, many more take its place.

Our politics is a double-edged sword. One edge is Democratic, the other Republican. When either attacks the hydra, the same result occurs -- it adds more heads to attack the wealth and even the lives of the American people.

This how American Revolution describes the situation:

We are no longer dealing with a constitutional republic or even a democracy but an authoritarian oligarchy. In our fight against our government we do no disservice to the vision of Adams, Madison, Jefferson or Washington. The beast trampled their vision long ago. I would think they would be rather proud of our efforts to resist the its tyranny.

That understood, how do we kill the beast? How do we exploit its “Achilles' Heel”? Every government requires money to operate. Ours requires trillions of dollars. Right now it devours around a third of everything we produce in this country. It won’t be long until it demands half. New taxes for health care, higher taxes to keep Social Security and Medicare solvent, a Value Added Tax are all coming. And we keep paying. Voluntarily we offer up our flesh and blood to feed the beast. Sure we complain. Sure it hurts because there are a lot of things we would rather do with that sizable chunk of money. Sure it annoys us because we know our money is being used to forge ever tighter chains or simply turned into worthless manure. But we stand there and take it because we think we have no choice, because we are afraid of the beast, because we have been
brainwashed into thinking we asked for it so we have no right to refuse. We have every right to refuse. No man or government has the right to demand our involuntary servitude. No man or government has the right to seize our property.

No man or government has the right to annihilate our liberty. It is time to finally stand up and say NO. NO, you may no longer take the fruits of my labor. NO, my property is mine and I do not own it simply at your pleasure. NO, my rights and liberties come from God and not you and you may not manipulate them or take them as you wish. It is our refusal as a people that will bring down the beast.

What can we do? We can hide or we can "run". A few of us "hide": can leave our homes, take all of our money where the government can't get at it, and wait it out. A better solution is to "run", but it also requires more courage, because it means we live with a black-market economy that denies to the federal government the taxes it uses to enslave us.

Create an underground economy and stop cooperating with the government. Do not obey their mandates or collect their taxes. Work on a cash (or gold/silver/barter) basis with your fellow patriots. Starve the beast of our money and cooperation. Riskier perhaps, but it also accomplishes something important that hiding does not. It creates tightly knit and organized communities that will be necessary when the beast succumbs. And it will fall. We are already stretched to the limit and even if we do nothing, the whole system, governmental and economic, is going to collapse. It is “unsustainable”. A good
case could be made that our current crop of rulers is trying to hasten that end.

So what will be the endgame? Our handlers will try to use this as the final blow to enslave us all. To resist will require courage and planning; but resistance will bring its own reward -- our discovery that the path of freedom will bring us -- us, the people, a true sense of community, lasting prosperity, and a sense of purpose that is lacking for most of us.

What are you choosing?

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