Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here is why we need decentralism

The Tea Partiers themselves are divided. According to a survey of attendees to the national Tea Party in Washington by Politico magazine, while 75% are convinced that President Obama is leading us to socialism; 43% want government to promote traditional values -- a position held by Sarah Palin, who was supported for President by 14% of the attendees. However, 42% hold that government should not be in the business of promoting any particular set of values -- a position held by Ron Paul and most libertarians. Rep. Paul was supported for President by 12% of the attendees. The article presents a number of other statistics, but they support the same point.

In other words, Tea Partiers are as polarized as much as the rest of us.

There is only one way to resolve this problem -- decentralism under a libertarian government. In other words, all governments above the local (city, village, township) level must be values-neutral; but allow considerable latitutde for local governments to promote the values held by their inhabitants. This way, we can all live in the kind of communities we want; and if we don't like where we live, its a short move to a better situation.

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