Friday, March 12, 2010


You know how it is when you're busy and things just pile up.

The same thing has been true of this blog. Add a label here, a feature there, and the site starts to get cluttered. Write 700 posts in 2½ years (as of yesterday) and things can get quite messy.

Fortunately, Blogger came out with a new feature, "pages", to help organize all that static information. Here is the new arrangement:

The About page gives the purpose of this blog, some biography about me, and links to my writings, speeches, and videos.

The Legislative Action page summarizes my January 1, 2010, post giving my vision for legislation in the Ohio General Assembly and includes status links to the Buckeye Liberty Legislative update and my Ohio legislative status sheet. It also includes the link to my state sovereignty resolution status sheet.

The Links page rearranges in a (hopefully) more logical order all the links that festooned the right sidebar of the home page.

The Speaking to Your Group page is a bit of shameless self-promotion that gives information about speeches I am prepared to give your group.

If I come up with any other wild ideas, Blogger will let me create five more pages.

I hope this will make The Ohio Republic look a bit cleaner and make it easier to use.

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