Monday, March 29, 2010

Health care act: corporations now tax us directly

"Beneficiaries Behind the Curtain", a comment by "-savoy", a libertarian writing for The Nolan Chart:

This bill, while having a few partially obliging fragments, is a giant giveaway to special interests. It is welfare for the rich. It is a version of corporate welfare unlike this country has ever seen. It turns 30 million more American citizens into their customers. In contrast to the bailout of Wall Street, where our government paid the money to the big banks, this now sets the precedent of taxes paid directly to corporations. Gone are the days in which the government dishes out subsidies to multinational corporations which they have taken from your paycheck. Now the corporations use the government to directly impose their own taxes on the people. It is now the law that you purchase health insurance from one of these companies that helped to pass the very law that mandates you as one of their customers. It is a reverse catch 22. It is a direct tax on you and your family that you will be forced to pay to private companies that your government has been selected to represent.

Who will enforce this new law of the land and require that you purchase this potentially substandard, overpriced, and fascist product? Well none other than the good ole IR of S. That’s right, contained in this lovely package of corporatism and tyranny are 16,500 brand new IRS personnel whose sole purpose will be to "collect, examine and audit new tax information mandated on families and small businesses in the ‘reconciliation’ bill," according to Congressman Kevin Brady of the 8th District of Texas. This will lead to your medical information being a matter of public property with the US Government.

Goodbye privacy, hello despots.

Best solution: support Ohio's initiatives to nullify federal health care.

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