Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ohio Secession Petition

... and no, I had nothing to do with it!

PetitionsOnline has a petition for Ohio secession. To date, it has received 45 signatures, but only about half of them have signed their real, full names (in contrast with the state sovereignty petition, where the great majority signed their real, full names and addresses). I don't think much of online petitions presented in this way, and this one is very badly written. For those reasons, I am not signing it and do not endorse it. However, it is an interesting indicator of sentiment in this state that such a petition has been introduced on the Internet.

Secession will require a much higher level of frustration with the federal government than Ohioans have displayed to date, and a much higher level of sophistication in communicating the need. A movement for secession should also follow accepted procedures (see OFA video 4B for my recommendations as to how secession should be carried out).

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Here at the SC Palmetto Republic, our 2000 supporters stand with your efforts through the Ohio Republic.

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