Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bring the National Guard home!

On Monday, I commented on the absurdity of the wars in which the United States is engaged. One way we can quickly put an end to this madness is for state governors to refuse deployment orders for their state's National Guard units. There is a website, Bring the Guard Home, that is organizing a nationwide campaign to get bills through state legislatures to force state governors to do exactly that. The site is attractive and contains many useful resources. It would be even more useful if it linked to the relevant U.S. Code sections relating to the governor's authority to deploy the National Guard.

The site claims to have an active campaign started in Ohio, but includes no Ohio contact information.

On a related note, U.S. militarism appears to be hitting a wall in Yemen. Lee Keath at the Associated Press (Columbus Dispatch link) reports that the Yemeni government welcomes cooperation from the United States military for training, support, and logistical purposes, but will not allow U.S. combat forces on the ground. It will be interesting to see whether Yemen's sovereignty will be respected.

Sadly, the comments in the Dispatch ran more in favor of "bombing them back into the Stone Age." How can we explain it better? The equation is very simple:

Increased U.S. force in the Middle East = Increased terrorism in U.S.

Bringing our troops home will reduce the motivation for terrorists to attack us. It's as simple as that. I am for a strong national defense -- which means effective defense of our borders from outside attack (something we obviously aren't doing very well, by the way).

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