Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Walter Williams promotes secession

Heads-up to those who think secessionism is racist: Look at the picture. This is Dr. Walter E. Williams, respected economist and political analyst at George Mason University in Virginia. He occasionally appears as a substitute host on the Rush Limbaugh program.

Last Friday, he endorsed the Free State Project in New Hampshire, which is attempting to move 20,000 people of like mind into strategic areas of that state to peaceably take over the state government through the electoral process. He lamented that the most recent secessionist experiment (known as the Confederate States of America) failed. Noting that the first one (known as the United States of America) was successful, he sees a box score of .500. Even more interesting than his comment was the intemperance of the liberal comments that were sent in against him.

Secessionists generally do not seek independence for its own sake; but to restore the system that preserved freedom and opportunity for earlier generations of Americans. So far the opponents of secession have not addressed how continuing along the present path will preserve the Constitution and expand freedom and individual opportunities for Americans. Do you suppose it's because they can't?

As Old Rebel says in Rebellion, there is a sense of panic in the liberal camp. I'd say there is good reason.

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