Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is the flu pandemic planned?

In an earlier post, I wrote:

"[I]f I didn't know better, I'd say that all this meticulous preparation at state and federal levels suggests that the whole thing is being planned. Otherwise, state and federal governments and pharmaceutical firms are risking a massive waste of money and effort to contain what could prove to be nothing at all; or, because of virus mutations, could prove to be ineffective."

jcbrook at Vermont Commons provides evidence from Department of Defense documents that suggests this just might be the case. It displays a Report on Biological Warfare (Defense Vaccine Research & Development Programs) from July 2001 that describes, among other things, "integration of [Department of Defense] and industry vaccine objectives," on the grounds that "partnering with DoD to produce vaccines is considered a high-risk venture by industry." The "panel of experts" assembling this report were Franklin H. Top, Jr., MD, executive vice president and medical director of MedImmune, Inc.; John J. Dingerdissen, senior director for viral vaccine manufacturing at Merck & Company; and William H. Habig, Ph.D., director for R&D quality assurance and compliance at Centocor, Inc.

Now, I am sure these are all good, pubic-spirited people, who coincidentally would profit from the research...

This Vermont Commons post also includes interesting links (here and here) that proves Donald Rumsfeld's connection (chairman of the board, yet) with Gilead Sciences, co-developer of Tamiflu.

Here is an article from this May that shows that a Defense contract is benefitting MedImmune for a "pre-pandemic influenza stockpile." Who is paying for all this? We are.

If I am jumping to a wrong conclusion, I am willing to be corrected; but I'm picking up a rather strong odor... If a pandemic is being planned by the federal government (secretly, of course), it will be an act of unspeakable evil that will rival those of Hitler and Stalin -- one that should convince even the densest individual that our only hope lies in independence.

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