Monday, September 21, 2009

President Obama: Ohio recovery to take two decades

If this isn't an argument for independence, I don't know what is (from WCMH-TV 4 in Columbus):

President Barack Obama told The Toledo Blade and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the eve of the next G-20 meeting[:] “If you think about what’s happening in Ohio and the manufacturing base that employed so many people, the decline in that sector of the economy took decades,“ the President said.“And reversing that and rebuilding it is going to take two decades as well."

The president said it’s important to have policies in place that will help manufacturing companies trying to rebound to sell theirproducts at home and overseas. Obama says there is good news in the success Toledo has had becoming a national hub for solar energy research and manufacturing. “That market we know is going to grow,“ the president said. He also praised Pittsburgh as a world-class city chosen to hostthe G-20 summit because it is a success story of the changing U.S. economy.

And in those 20 years, Ohioans have faithfully paid their federal income taxes, and even been the swing state in two Presidential elections. We have waited on the Republicans and we have waited on the Democrats. The Feds contributed nothing to the success of Toledo, and are not likely to contribute anything meaningful to the success of anywhere else.

The cost of federal government is a serious drag on economic growth. The solution is to get the Feds out of our way and start taking care of ourselves. Now.

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