Tuesday, September 22, 2009

State Sovereignty Resolution Update - 9/22

On Sept. 17, the Senate in neighbor and football rival Michigan passed its state sovereignty resolution (SCR4) 33-0 with 4 members excused. Word on the street has it that Ohio's Senate won't be far behind ...


Anonymous said...

That's very good to hear coming out of MI - I was extremely surprised to hear it was "unanimous" - wow! I hope the party-line division in our Committee vote this week is not an indicator of things to come here. We'll fight to get it through the Senate, but the House could be really tough!

Harold Thomas said...

Part of the reason it might find favor in Michigan is that they are riled up about Real ID; which hasn't had the attention it deserves here in Ohio.

I don't think passing the Senate will be all that difficult, but it will be a party-line vote. You're right, though, the House could, and probably will, be really tough!