Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What if some "conspiracy theories" are true?

I have begun a number of paragraphs in this blog with the phrase "At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist..." The disclaimer seems necessary, because our mainstream media are trying to instill the notion that if an idea has been labeled "conspiracy theory", it is therefore false.

For example, I know from reliable, even mainstream sources, that the Bilderburg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission really exist. They really do consist of the most powerful people in government and business. The most open of these is the CFR, which has made no secret of its advocacy of a "New World Order." The fact that the other two organizations are working toward such a thing has been reliably documented. Yet any negative reference to any of these groups will immediately brand one as a "conspiracy theorist."

This is a major flaw in modern journalism, as the blog Undernews points out. A "conspiracy theory" is an assertion made without evidence. The same assertion, if backed by evidence, is the truth. Farther down the post, Sam Smith, who writes for Undernews, includes "A Thinker's Guide to Conspiracy Theories." It is very well written, and is well worth your time to read.

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PhreedomPhan said...

I must confess. I was a conspiracy theorist. Now I'm a corruption analyst. ;-)

Sometime ago, I recommended that you take a look at my lost liberty blog for some of the origins and programs to destroy the sovereignty of our States. Much of the information came from people involved in the Pennsylvania Committee to Save Our Local Governments.

I brought the Chairman of the committee into the Taxpayers Association and together we convinced the board of directors to fight the plan for a "Home Rule Charter."

One day he and I stopped at his place to pick up some information. We went into his basement where I received the shock of my life.

This man never used the word "conspiracy." He said "they give you a bad name," but he had about a 40' basement the walls of which were lined with book cases and an occasional file cabinet in between. All were filled to overflowing.

A row of back to back file cabinets formed an island in the middle. These were filled to capacity with documents, clippings, more books, etc. All were related in some way to the conspiracy of the moneyed aristocracy (the New World Order) that overthrew and replaced the landed (the Old World Order.) Many were their own works. He probably knew more and had more data on the history of the (non-existent) conspiracy than most of the conspirators. Yes, Virginia (and Ohio too), there is a conspiracy.

I referred you earlier to my lostliberty blog as a source of information on the federal scheme to regionalize the country that had some info going back to the twenties including some maps of the plans. In my americasenemies blog you can find some information on the Rhodes Scholars, CFR, and the Trilateral Commission showing how they have dominated our political scene. With the exception of the information on the Rhodies, this information comes from the perpetrators themselves or from their admirers. In many cases, I just analyzed it in keeping with my duties as a corruption analyst.