Saturday, April 11, 2009

Attend the April 15 Tea Party in your area!

For the uninitiated, a “tea party” is a protest against excessive taxation and government. It is usually advisable to bring tea bags as part of the protest.

4-6 pm (note corrected time) – Mall C, downtown Cleveland.

9:00-12:30 – Tea Party and March, in support of HCR 11 and the Honest Money Initiative; beginning at Columbus Metropolitan Library, 90 S. Grant St., March to Statehouse. Bring lunch, signs, and tea bags.

6 pm – Americans for Prosperity Tea Party Tax Protest, Statehouse.

8-5 – Tea Party in front of the Post Office.

11 am – Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Tea Party, Ashtabula County Courthouse.

4-6 – American Voices for Liberty Tea Party and Tax Protest, Medina Public Square

3-4 – Jefferson County Courthouse.

Here are lots more! Attend one in your area, and let everyone know where you stand!


Joe Greene said...

4:30-6:30 pm at the downtown gazebo

Harold Thomas said...

Thank you, Joe!
Readers, if I have left any others out, feel free to add a comment!


Anonymous said...

The Cleveland Tea Party website says it will be from 4-6pm. If someone comes at 6:30 expecting the rally to go until 8 s/he might be disappointed.

Frank said...

Where were all these Tea Baggers when Bush spent Clinton's surplus? Just a bunch of disgruntled republicans I am afraid. A Tea Party might be a good place for a drive by to occur.

Harold Thomas said...

That's a fair question. At the beginning of G.W.Bush's administration, I think many Americans were in shock over 9-11 and were willing to accept deficits in the name of national security. It took a few years for us to realize we'd been had.
And, yes, most tea party protesters lean toward conservatism and therefore the Republican Party; but the tea parties represent much more than just a tax protest. It reflects an awareness that our fundamental American form of government is under attack by centralizing Federal authority far beyond what the Constitution envisioned, and far beyond what is prudent for maintaining our freedoms.

It's not a Republican/Democrat or conservative/liberal issue; it is a libertarian/statist issue. Many philosophical liberals (see Vermont for starters) lean toward libertarianism, and as we have seen, far too many neo-conservatives lean toward statism.