Saturday, April 25, 2009

State Sovereignty Resolution Update - 3/25

For personal and work-related reasons, I have fallen behind again in reporting the progress of State sovereignty resolutions, so here's the latest:

Alaska HJR27 passed the Senate Apr. 9 by a vote of 19-0. It is awaiting Gov. Sarah Palin's signature, which I imagine won't pose much of a problem...

In Arkansas, HR1011 was reconsidered in committee Apr. 2, only to be defeated in the House the next day by a vote of 34-54.

According to the John Birch Society's Tenth Amendment Movement, Indiana's House resolution HCR50 died in committee Apr. 9, but according to several sources, their Senate resolution SR42 passed Apr. 19 by a vote of 44-3 with 3 abstentions.

After passing their famous nullification act (HB0246) against Federal control of locally-manufactured weapons, the Montana House got cold feet on the regular State sovereignty resolution HR3 and defeated it Apr. 15 in a tie vote 50-50.

The North Dakota Senate passed SR68 Apr. 20. It was returned to the House with an amendment somewhat weakening the language by removing references to the Federal government as being the agent of the States.

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