Sunday, April 26, 2009

End the Fed Update

_ On April 25th, the End The Fed protest group, made up of participants from Restore the Republic, the Campaign for Liberty, sound money advocates, and anyone else concerned about the parasitic nature of the Feds' Central Bank, met for the second time in downtown Cleveland, to rally in the streets around the Federal Reserve Bank and wake up all passersby to the deadly urgency of exposing the fraud behind the system.

_ The weather was much more pleasant than it was for the first protest in November, and the spirit of those gathered was very empowering and encouraging. We are certain our voices were heard. Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed in the turnout. While many optimists hoped we might double our previous attendance, the reality was that only about half the number actually showed up. Do not let this discourage us. If even one new person comes to understand the injustice of fiat currency through our actions this day, and then tells all their friends what they have realized, our work for that day will not have been in vain. Looking to the future, we must put our heads together to think of new ways to inform and organize, so that the next such protest will truly echo through the city.

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