Friday, October 8, 2010

Why third-party candidates can't get traction

The media are not interested in fair coverage. Following is a letter the editor of The (Toledo) Blade by Charlie Earl, Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State, whom I shall feature next week. The letter appears in Mr. Earl's Facebook page. One thing about it -- if you're looking for a Secretary of State who says exactly what he thinks, Charlie Earl is your man.

It was revealing for me to read your endorsement of Jon Husted for Ohio Secretary of State. I have no problem with your endorsement, per se, because you are a private enterprise. I do question your reasoning, your diligence and your understanding of the office of the Secretary of State. Your reasoning is flawed, in my view, because of two critical elements. You cited Jon’s “experience” without acknowledging that many citizens are frustrated with career politicians. You also failed to mention that Husted has skated near the precipice of ethical behavior. It seems that someone who has demonstrated an inability to observe reasonable ethical practices should NOT be the chief elections officer in Ohio.

Your diligence seems to be lacking because I reside a mere 14 miles from your “tower of power,” and NO ONE from The Blade has made any attempt to contact me since I announced my candidacy in January. So, apparently you arrived at your endorsement while sporting an information deficit. In addition, I was involved in the reapportionment process in the Eighties when Husted was still in grammar school.

Your lack of knowledge about the Secretary of State functions is probably your most egregious error. When a Constitutional officer is responsible for the registering process, voting procedures, tallying methods, petitioning oversight and apportionment, does not it seem preferable and logical that the Administrator be unencumbered by partisan pressure and concerns? You have endorsed another “experienced” partisan hack who probably wants to run for governor rather than be entirely focused on the Secretary of State office.

Given your history you probably don’t have the courage to print this. If you do not, I will not be surprised.

Charlie Earl
Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State
Bowling Green

I noticed that the Columbus Dispatch also endorsed Mr. Husted. I guess Mr. Earl would be too difficult for the handlers to handle. Which is a good reason to vote for him.

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PhreedomPhan said...

Yet another reason why third parties (really second parties) can’t get traction.

Back in the 70’s I ran for County Treasurer on the Constitutional Party of PA ticket. Bert Aigner, our candidate for County Commissioner and I attended a candidates night sponsored by the Constables’ Association.

As each candidate rose to speak, he announced that he was a “law and order” candidate. When I rose, I said that I, too, was a “law and order” candidate, but I added that I thought the problem was too much law and too little order. The comment was well received by the Constables.

Bert was seated next to the “reporter” for the lower Bucks “newspaper”, the Courier Times. They chatted much of the evening.

When the “report” was published the next day, it said that Republican and Democrats spoke on law (too much) and order (too little). My words were put in the mouths of Reps and Dems, but Bert and I were not even mentioned.

It’s not easy to get people to vote for invisible candidates.