Thursday, October 28, 2010

No longer will we stand idly by!

The Tenth Amendment Center has been holding a series of rallies across the United States called "Nullify Now!". As the name suggests, their purpose is to motivate citizens in every state to support resolutions and acts (such as The Ohio Project on health care) to reduce the size and scope of federal government.

This speech (including a video) by Andrew Nappi, of the Florida Tenth Amendment Center, summarizes the moods of many liberty-loving Americans. I quote the beginning as a teaser:

Isn’t it incredible that, despite all the historical evidence to the contrary, that anyone can still believe that the founders would’ve fought a long, cruel, bloody war just to exchange one central, overpowering government for another? And yet, these guys sitting on the courts want to define the limits of our freedom for the extension of greater government control. That is not the founders’ legacy. That’s not why we’re here today.

For these out of touch elitists, the Bill of Rights is just a historical curiosity – it’s quaint and doesn’t mean anything. But we know that the Bill of Rights is the very essence of state sovereignty. That’s why it was created, and that wasn’t lost on the founders.

The entire speech is well worth reading.

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