Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Common sense about terrorism

Glenn Greenwald on explains why suicide bombers attack us. It seems that they are upset about our military presence in the Middle East, and want revenge for our drones bombing the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He also argues that terrorism would lose all its power if we simply left.

In other words, mind our own business, which is what I have been arguing for more than two years now:

True national security comes from having a strong national defense that focuses only on defense, from effective border controls; and from a citizenry that, while ever vigilant to threats on their liberty, remains satisfied that their government consistently acts in their interest as opposed to the selfish interests of an élite, or those of a foreign power. Firm in this belief, I remain confident that the Republic of Ohio would have little to fear from Islamic terrorism; but might have to cast more a wary eye on a District of Coercion that uses pretexts like 9-11 to advance its own agenda.
--The Ohio Republic, September 11, 2008

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