Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Climategate: More common sense!

Dec. 23 update: Dr. John P. Costella, who commented on this post, has conducted exhaustive research on and published the Climategate e-mails that were released. For those who wish to go into greater depth on the facts of Climategate, Dr. Costella's page is quite readable, and he offers expert commentary to aid the reader in understanding the posts.

This time from David Crowe, an environmental and Green Party activist from Alberta, who took time to consider whether global warming has any scientific basis. His article was published today in LewRockwell.com. It is organized into 23 "frequently asked questions" about global warming, with his responses.

The answer to his first question introduces his position on global warming and gives the reader an idea of the style he uses to answer the others:

Q1. Is Global Warming Happening?

It is impossible to know if global warming is happening without waiting for hundreds or thousands of years to see if short term trends go up or down. Of course we can't wait that long, so the question is whether catastrophic global warming is imminent. That also is impossible to know. If the changes are small they are also manageable.

It is also impossible to define a global temperature. Even small biases in measurements made in a small number of points over the globe (such as heat island effects due to measurements near growing cities) can create false temperature increases. When extrapolated and fed into a mathematical model that accelerates them, dire predictions can appear on computer screens around the world.

Global warming, as I wrote on Monday, "makes no environmental sense, it makes no economic sense, and it makes no political sense." It is nothing more than a sophisticated means to rob and enslave the American people for the benefit of environmental idealists, third-world dictators, and New York bankers.

Now, I shall try to let a few days pass before I press this topic again...

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john.costella said...

It is amazing how far common sense can take you in the Climategate scandal! I have been stripping the jargon out of the emails at assassinationscience.com/climategate so that anyone can see for themselves how these so-called "scientists" defrauded the planet.