Thursday, December 31, 2009

Be prepared for the coming decade

Carolyn Baker, in Vermont Commons, writes that the challenge of entering the new decade will be in dealing with the trauma we all (yes, all) have experienced in years past. How well we come out of the "twenty-tens" will depend upon our ability to emotionally grasp the realities of shrinking resources and economic helplessness.

Ms. Baker writes:
I notice, for example, that it is much easier for activists to "lose themselves" in causes and projects than actually feel the feelings associated with these endeavors. This accounts for the ubiquitous question "What should we do?" that arises as people begin to awaken to the dire issues of Peak Oil (and every other resource), climate change*, global economic catastrophe, species extinction, and population overshoot-to name only a few. If I'm busy "doing" and "solving", then I don't have to feel my feelings about something that may or may not have a solution. If I don't feel my feelings, however, I am likely to misdirect my energy and while being quite task-oriented, fail to be the person I need to be, for myself and for others, as the external situation further deteriorates.

We need to be prepared -- physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally -- for hard times ahead. If we don't prepare, we will find ourselves unable to help our fellow Ohioans; and we will fall victim to whatever schemes our handlers would foist upon us; perhaps even to the point of slavery.

* Which is not necessarily an endorsement of "global warming" -- "climate change" can be a call to prepare for severe winters.

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