Monday, December 21, 2009

Climategate: Common Sense

... from letters to the editor of the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday:

"The fact is, there is collusion between the liberals and the corrupt climatologists. They desire to redistribute wealth to the rest of the world and gain control over domestic policy in the United States in their march toward socialism."
-- John Belt, Westerville
"I fail to see how stealing money from my wallet through utility bills to let President Barack Obama give money to the current dictator-for-life of some banana republic so he can spend it on Russian military arms is going to give us clean air."
-- Jeff Jantz, Hilliard
Ratification of the Copenhagen Treaty is grounds for secession, because it delegates American sovereignty to an international organization. It makes no environmental sense, it makes no economic sense, and it makes no political sense. It clearly is not in our national interest -- nor in the national interest of those who have traditionally been friendly to us.

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