Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why the H1N1 vaccine won't work

While I don't always agree with the political slant of The Atlantic, the magazine does produce some outstanding (and rare) examples of investigative journalism. I commend to you an article in the November Atlantic (also at newsstands) by Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer. It is a long read, but well worth the time.

They explain why the virus is being promoted on the basis of faulty science, and produce some impressive scientific evidence of their own to back this up. Their argument is that people who take vaccines are those who are careful about their health in other ways. The vaccine, however, adds nothing to other measures (e.g., diet, personal hygiene) that such people employ to take care of themselves.

Vaccines for seasonal flu have been developed for years. In at least two years, the vaccine failed to address the flu that developed. The mortality rate for flu in those two years (1957 and 1968) was no higher than in other years.

Thus, as I explained earlier (here and here), the vaccine might prove to be more dangerous than the disease it is designed to protect.

Virtual buckeye to Ben Sariwatta at the Ohio Freedom Alliance.

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