Thursday, October 29, 2009

What IS the truth about 9/11?

I didn't know the truth when I wrote this in September, and I still don't; however this evidence from a registered architect in San Francisco sounds pretty convincing, as reported by Stephanie Kraft, with the Valley Advocate, a weekly alternative newspaper in western Massachusetts.

In the lofty auditorium of Northampton's First Churches on October 10, an audience of perhaps 200 listened as San Francisco architect Richard Gage presented evidence that the World Trade Center's Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 were brought down on Sept. 11, 2001 by controlled demolition by planted explosive charges, not by the impact and resulting fires when the buildings were hit by hijacked airplanes.

Gage, a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) with 20 years' experience designing large gymnasiums and mixed-use structures, presented visuals showing that the longest documented skyscraper fires have never thrown a steel-framed building into total collapse, even fires that burned up to 18 hours (the towers fell less than two hours after the planes hit). He also showed that the cave-in from the centers and the straight descent of the towers at free-fall speed was visually similar to textbook cases of controlled demolition.

He showed that tangled fragments of steel girders were ejected as far as 400 and 600 feet from the lower parts of the towers, a phenomenon hard to explain unless they were propelled by active charges. He showed Building 7 collapsing straight downward in clouds of pyroclastic dust though it was never struck by the planes.

And he cited physical analysis purporting to prove that dust containing signature elements from the high-tech military explosive thermite covered New York after the explosion.

Please note that there is no attempt to theorize on the evidence, only to present it empirically; therefore, we are not dealing with a conspiracy theory here. What Mr. Gage wants, and Americans are entitled to, is an explanation of the events on 9/11 that takes these facts into account.

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Jeremiah Arn said...

Is there a reasonable hope for an explanation?

Harold Thomas said...

The truth will out ... eventually; but probably not until an alternative to the existing order takes power.

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

I was raised on Dr. Dobson, and have just sent him a letter requesting his assistance to help me stop loosing faith in the Christian Church. My Mom respects Dr. Dobson as much or more than any other Christian leader, and she is interested to see his response. I only started learning the truth about the 9/11 attacks last fall. It took me an entire year to convince my own parents to listen to me, and begin reviewing the evidence for themselves. Now that they have thoroughly and objectively taken a fresh look into all the available evidence, they too are now aware of how badly we have been deceived. They now fully support my mission to find out what really happened to 2,993 of our fellow countrymen that fateful September morning. My mom is very interested to see if/how Dr. Dobson will respond. Please read my open letter to Dr. Dobson and share your thoughts at.........

Does Christ's Church really stand for TRUTH & JUSTICE? That is the question!

Daniel Edd Bland III