Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Left bites back

Here is a column by Robert S. Becker at BeyondChron, an alternative newspaper in San Francisco. Note how it applies the usual liberal technique of namecalling in an attempt to discredit the tea party and secessionist movements. Besides confusing libertarianism with neoconservatism, the article sneers at the small-town yokels who dare to oppose the agenda the American people voted in last November! (Of course, the American people didn't vote all this in, it just wanted George Bush and his gang out!)

Here is a sample:

We’re growing strange species of anti-American reactionaries these days. Earlier, arrogant Ugly Americans strutting abroad were always brash cheerleaders for their Homeland. Today, scores of deluded, unpatriotic numbskulls equate good citizenship with debunking America, especially: (a) our legitimate elections (despite pushing remote “democracy” wars), (b) majority rule (taking over “their” government), (c) the President (subversive alien),* (d) government programs (rank socialism), and (e) free-market media except FOX “News” and rabid talk radio. How do teabaggers with infantile hoaxes** hope to get “their country back”?

Thus frustrated fringes get fringier every week, like crazed chickens bloodying their own. South Carolina whiners blasted hardcore Lindsey Graham for not being hardcore enough, crying out “fake Republican,” “traitor” and “war criminal.” ... Historic Ugly Americans, bragging the U.S. of A. was God’s gift to mankind, would look with horror on unpatriotic ingrates. For them, America was perfect, so blameless any crank nations daring to oppose our global manifest destiny invited retribution – producing harangues on evildoers, boycotts, even assassinations and uprisings (Chile and Iran). Typically, our government fabricated threats or disruptions before sending in armed troops to “restore peace.” The pre-emptive “Bush Doctrine” long preceded Iraq, in Panama, Somalia, and elsewhere: others just did it better.

Obviously, the writer is so wrapped in his ideology, that he lacked the desire to research a more nuanced article. You have to give this much to the liberals: they are honest about their beliefs and objectives. I'm not sure I can say the same for the neocons.

* I am not endorsing the "birther" arguments, but I submit that they haven't been disproven, either.

** Read the link, and decide for yourself who is being "infantile".

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