Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Secession isn't such a crazy idea any more"

In the forum Debate Politics 2.0, Erod is wondering whether the nation is reaching a tipping point on secession. The writer travels throughout the United States, and is finding he is not recognizing the east or west coasts anymore, in part because of the massive immigration. Erod wonders about a President described as "imprudent", a House Speaker "that has the same mental capacity as Elizabeth Taylor," and a California Governor that once played Conan the Barbarian.

Erod thinks the movie title Idiocracy aptly describes this kind of government.

"Liberals have dumbed down this country to the point that we'll eventually be electing porn stars [Linda Lovelace for President, an X-rated movie title from the 70s] and pro wrestlers [like former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura] to the leadership positions in our country. There's an ill wind coming. I smell civil unrest like we have seen in, oh, about 135 years. Secession isn't such a crazy idea any more."

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