Friday, February 15, 2008

Vermont secessionism: Going down in flames?

It appears that some of my earlier posts exaggerated the impact that the Second Vermont Republic and related organizations have had on Vermonters. John Curran of the Associated Press reports* that independence activists failed to secure enough signatures to place the independence issue in even one town in that State.

The Second Vermont Republic had planned to place the issue on the agendas of all 200 town meetings this year. A banquet of that organization held January 15 attracted only 20 people, some of whom were guests from the League of the South. Additional information is available at Vermont Secession, a site that has carefully followed the Vermont independence movement and has been highly critical of it.

Independence will be a hard sell for most Americans. Airily stating lofty ideals won't cut it. In Ohio, independence will come only when (and if), we persuade citizens that there is a practical advantage -- that independence will benefit the Ohio economy, keep us out of foreign wars, and will safeguard our freedom. It also means that we must choose our friends carefully; and if necessary, not at all.

* as posted in the Barre-Montpelier (Vt.) Times-Argus.

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