Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Maybe there IS still hope...

PR Newswire reports that movie theater chains have been overwhelmed by the initial response to the April 15 release of Atlas Shrugged - Part I, based on Ayn Rand's libertarian novel.

I can easily imagine how controversial Atlas Shrugged must be in Hollywood. It is a direct challenge to the prevailing liberal values there. But in Middle America, it reflects our desire to return to an entrepreneurial (not bureaucratic) society.

No showings are yet scheduled anywhere near Ohio - the closest locations are in the Philadelphia area, Chicago, and Nashville, but you can demand that it be shown near you by going to the Atlas Shrugged Theaters page and pressing the "Bring Atlas to my town" button. At this writing the site shows 3,015 requests to show in Columbus (third highest on the list) and 935 in Dayton.

Virtual buckeye to Charlie Earl.

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