Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't believe dis information

NewsBusters has a video of a speech made by Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean, in which he asserts to a student audience at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh that FoxNews habitually lies to the American people, and is not really a news organization, but a "a very expensive, incredibly well-funded, right-wing propaganda organization." (Comment by FoxNews's Greta Van Susteren)

Standard liberal rhetoric. But then he compounds his error by telling four obvious lies of his own:
  1. "The top one percent of Americans owns twice as much as the percentage of America than they did 20 years ago, and that of course has to come from somebody else, and it comes from the people who aren't in the top one percent." Liberals see the economy as a zero-sum game. To them, wealth cannot be created, only taken from those who are less wealthy. Ever hear of investments, Howard? I'd even bet that he has some himself.
  2. Mr. Dean claims that the Republicans controlled Congress for six years while George W. Bush was President. In fact, the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress less than 4½ years, in part because a Senator from Mr. Dean's home state of Vermont, Jim Jeffords, switched from Republican to an independent usually voting with the Democrats.
  3. He then claims that more people under 35 voted in the 2008 Presidential election, than people over 35. The truth? According to CNN exit polls, 64% of voters in that election were 40 or older.
  4. Finally, he claims that charter schools were invented by Southern whites to perpetuate segregation. The truth is, charter schools originated in Massachusetts in 1988, when Prof. Ray Budde suggested that small groups of teachers be given contracts or "charters" by their local school boards to explore new approaches. Even the not-so-ultra-right-wing New York Times agrees with this.
We are locked in a war for the very souls of the American people, and as we all know, "in war, truth is the first casualty" (Aeschuylus). We also know that only "the truth will make us free" (John 8:32). We must all have the knowledge to identify the lies when we hear them, and the courage to publicly resist them.

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