Friday, June 4, 2010

War is no defense against domestic tyranny

Old Rebel at Rebellion preaches eloquently on the DC shell game -- focusing our attention on imagined threats abroad, while taking away our liberties at home:

When politicians, editorial writers, and other government mouthpieces claim our freedom depends on the Commander-in-chief waging war on hapless peasants thousands of miles away, they're saying things that were meant to be applauded, not analyzed. Because if you think about it, as Jack Kenny does, such claims make no sense. After all, the truth is that the real threat to our freedom is the central government, something the Founders knew, but we have forgotten -- which is why the Bill of Rights begins with "Congress shall make no law ...". And the Founders were right, as Kenny illustrates with the following examples:

"... when Congress abridges the freedom of speech and of the press, as with the Sedition Act during World War I, soldiers fighting abroad are no defense against that assault on freedom. When the Supreme Court presumes to tell us when, where, and under what circumstances "We the people" may offer a public prayer, the soldier is in no position to defend the free exercise of religion. And when a President of the United States claims the authority to lock up suspected terrorists, including American citizens, indefinitely and without trial, the soldiers at his command are no defense against the usurpation."

Now that our attention's been focused on eeeevil Islamo-meanies in Iraq and Afghanistan, we're letting the government nullify the Bill of Rights -- in the name of protecting us.

How long can this scam go on?

The longer it goes on, the wiser the people get to it. If the 2010 elections don't clean up the Congress, the nullification battles will begin in earnest. If the nullification battles don't clean up DC, the map of North America will be plastered with new nations, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all of us are created equal.

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