Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Will Mr. Obama be a one-term President?

Not a chance, says Craig Hill. In his insightful analysis of Mr. Obama's Presidency, Mr. Hill describes him as "the [black] overseer keeping the peace for the smooth running of his master's plantation." He is carrying out, and giving political cover to, President Bush's military and foreign policy agenda, and taking virtually none of the flak.

What alternatives do the Republicans offer him in 2012? Mr. Hill thinks none: "The Republicans are guaranteeing themselves nothing but disgust in 2012 from the average Republican, even, let alone the average American."

So how will Obama lose in 2012?? There is no acceptable opposition to him for his masters. He neuters Peacenik America into docile complicity. There is none of the opposition to Bushism, American fascism, that plagued Bush. Note how he just yesterday essentially pulled the plug on abortion rights by agreeing with blue dogs and Republicans it not be covered in guaranteed health reform, and will suffer nary a whimper of protest from it!. No Republican could get away with that giant step backward. He is the Republican agenda's essential man. He can not lose. He will not lose. He will leave office with the country in even greater shambles than Bush left it, with high honors, in 2017.

Assuming, of course, that the United States of America remains in one piece that long.

Virtual buckeye to Ethan Allen at Vermont Commons.

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