Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The idea of secession is gaining ground

The blogosphere is increasingly discussing not whether we should consider secession from the United States, but when. Here is a post by Sticomythia in Vermont Commons, quoting Russell Longcore at (The article also appeared in I am recommending the Vermont Commons post because of the additional comment.

The essential point of the article is that secession will not make sense until an event triggers it; but that event could occur very soon. High unemployment, tight credit, and a tanking currency are a recipe for revolutionary change. A United States weakened by a depression incorporating these elements might find itself unable to prevent states from seceding -- and we have a very recent precedent. Note how the Soviet Union, even with the Red Army and nuclear weapons, was unable to prevent itself from dividing into 15 countries. The old saw about secession being settled in 1865 will not cut it this time around.

Ohio needs to prepare for independence now -- and preparations have begun.


Jeremiah Arn said...

You're right, Harold, but the State is not unawares.

Harold Thomas said...

Of course, they're aware; but then HuffPo is not exactly a conservative publication. The issue attracted their attention precisely because more of us are taking it seriously.

I don't think they have yet analyzed why the Soviet Union collapsed, or drawn any lessons from it.