Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Zogby releases new poll on secession

Zogby has released a new poll on secession:

One question included on this survey asked whether the respondent agreed or disagreed that any state or region had a right to peaceably secede and become an independent republic. Overall, 35% of those surveyed agreed that a state or region had a right to peaceably secede, while 52% disagreed, and 13% were not sure. Groups that were more likely to agree were conservatives (49%), Protestants (40%), those between 18 and 29 (45%), McCain voters (46%), and Republicans (43%).

Compare the results with last summer's poll. Most interestingly, secession finds its greatest favor with younger voters. The percentage agreeing that a state had the right to peaceably secede increased from 22% last year to 35% this year. Oddly enough, the idea finds more favor with Republicans, Protestants, and former McCain voters; however, it would be shallow to suggest that secession is only a partisan notion, especially since younger voters have been trending more independent and Democratic.

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