Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is there a natural anti-liberty mindset?

Former Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski wonders. In this article, written for the Campaign for Liberty, she traces the roots of anti-liberty thinking (or what one of her commenters flat-out called cowardice) to the public education system. She also notes that the most respected professions seem to be in the government sector and enforcement-related: firefighter, police officer, scientists, doctors, nurses, military officers, and teachers. The least respected professions (other than Congressmen) all have to do with making money in the private sector.

She contends that Americans have been educated to passively accept authority in return for the government providing security (a point that is probably obvious to readers of this blog).

Dr. Kwiatkowski's conclusion:

Is there a natural anti-liberty mindset? No, there is not. Children want to ask questions, to explore, to experiment, and to think. People truly want charity, or as that word is also understood, kindness and love. In such an environment, liberty flourishes. But there is an artificial anti-liberty mindset promoted incessantly by all things state, and by all things political. It can be rejected, combated, and I hope, destroyed. The first step is to recognize that the anti-liberty mindset is not natural -- in spite of the state’s sustained and subtle messages to the contrary.

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