Friday, November 2, 2007

We need vision – and it won’t come from Washington

Cal Thomas hit the nail on the head in his column yesterday:

“What is lacking in all of these candidates [for President] - Democrat and Republican - is a clear vision that empowers individuals. This is supposed to be a country of opportunity for its citizens. It has become (even with Republicans in charge) a government that dispenses goodies to the group that can produce the most votes. This cynical and selfish approach to government is what has turned so many people off to politics and politicians.”

In over thirty years as both an observer and a participant in the political process, I have seen this cynicism grow. Today, it is a cancer that is slowly killing the American political system. (Some of my fellow secessionists argue that it is dead already, and they may have a point).

We need leadership with vision and a moral compass, one that can imagine what the broader public interest is, and how to act upon it. But our Federal elected officials have forgotten that one-size-fits-all solutions do not work in such a large and diverse nation.

As an independent Republic, Ohio will be diverse enough, as I indicated earlier; and will need to decentralize still more. Here’s why: Would-be lobbyists and moneyed interests would find funding and following up on so many smaller governments to be an expensive and downright impractical exercise; especially with the increased accountability those officials would have to the voters.

In other words, elected officials would then be free to develop and pursue their visions, giving us the opportunity to select the ones we feel would most benefit Ohio.

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