Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The best and the brightest...

... ain't so good or bright. President Obama (a product of, and supporter of, the Eastern braint trust) gave a speech at 2 pm yesterday, and the stock market continued its fall -- almost 6% in one day. And overnight, in the Far East markets, the Dow equivalent fell another 300 points.

Victor Davis Hanson explains in National Review how this dependence on academic elites has damaged the country, not least of all academia itself.

I was reminded this morning of how our situation today resembles the Wizard of Oz. We see this impressive behemoth government in Washington trying to control anything and everything, but behind the curtain are a few weak men using smoke, mirrors, and loudspeakers to intimidate the rest of us.

The people of Ohio are like the cowardly lion. When will we get the courage to use our common sense? Washington cannot help us -- Standard & Poor's downgraded their credit rating for a reason, you know. We must start helping ourselves. We could make it easier if we stopped trying to swim with barbells on our backs -- by declaring independence.

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