Thursday, May 14, 2009

Republicans in the wilderness: Is there a way out?

Ed Gamble's cartoon published today in the Columbus Dispatch and other newspapers (no link available) neatly summarizes the problem with the Republican Party. It depicts the GOP elephant in the wilderness getting conflicting exit instructions from RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh. No one questions that the Republican Party is in the wilderness. My question is, is it worth the effort to get the Republican Party out?

The Republicans sold themselves out to the military-industrial complex when they bought into neoconservative big government at the Federal level. Their traditional principles, known as paleoconservatism, held for smaller Federal government, balanced budgets, and maximum personal and economic freedom. Today's Republican Party can claim none of these.

Face it, Republicans. There is no credibility left. America needs new political movements that people can buy into. Let's give the GOP a decent burial and go on.

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