Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Welcome to the Ohio Republic!

The purpose of this blog is to advocate the peaceful, legal independence of Ohio from the United States of America. This will be done by discussing the philosophy that will underlie the new political system; the emotional, legal, and practical issues involved in achieving independence; and highlighting news of differences between the State of Ohio and the United States Government. I shall also take a look, where appropriate, at existing secessionist movements in the United States for the lessons they may teach us. In the near future, I plan to add sections for interesting documents and links of related interest.

At this early stage, I envision a Republic, consisting of Ohio alone, that will have limited powers; delegating and reserving most of the domestic functions of government to the counties, the municipalities and townships, and to the people themselves. The general philosophy is known as decentralism, as promoted by the Middlebury Institute (a secessionist think tank) and the E. F. Schumacher Society. However, “pure” decentralism is designed for very small populations. We shall need to modify it to meet the needs of Ohio’s size, diversity, and culture.

Following a period of discussion, given sufficient interest, a movement will be organized to carry the struggle to the people of Ohio. I invite your comments as we move forward.

Here are some of my thoughts on what our independence movement should look like:

It will advocate independence by peaceful, legal means. Initially, I see it as a movement that eventually will put on the Ohio ballot an issue to call a convention to dissolve the Union between Ohio and the other states; but it is possible that legal issues could develop which would necessitate the formation of a political party for that purpose.

Such a movement is not seditious. The Government in Washington will remain in power – may they rule in peace – only not over us. Speech advocating peaceful secession is protected by the First Amendment.

This movement is non-racial. Everyone of every color and faith shares the same basic needs. While some previous movements for secession and states’ rights were intended to promote the supremacy of one race, the movement for the Ohio Republic is intended to end our relationship with a Federal Government that, despite claims to the contrary, actually oppresses minorities as much as (maybe more than) the rest of us. In future posts, I shall explain why this is so.

While the principal effort will be focused on political change, a successful independence movement will also have cultural and economic components. A distinct culture will turn a seceded State into a nation in its own right; encouraging the development of local economies will reduce our dependence on foreign sources of goods and services and minimize the need to “compete” in the global economy of cheap goods created by underpaid labor.

The ultimate purpose of independence is to restore a sense of community, which experience has shown to be a spiritual necessity for all people. This community will come from preserving, for ourselves and our posterity, the blessings of Liberty granted by God and articulated by the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and of Ohio; and by restoring the influence each of us as citizens once had on the government of our community and nation.

This is not a sudden whim. I have been thinking about this subject since 1989, but many necessary ideas remain undeveloped or underdeveloped. I invite you to join me to turn these ideas into the building blocks of a new nation that is small in population, but great in heart.

Harold D. Thomas


Anonymous said...

For the Ohio secession movement to be sucessful, it must honor God.
larry Kilgore 2008 Senate Candidate

Harold Thomas said...

I am a Christian, but the Ohio secession movement must be secular (that is, in the sense of the First Amendment non-establishment any religion). Therefore I would amend your statement to read "For the Ohio secession movement to be successful, its members (especially leadership) must honor God."

For myself, this has been the result of much prayerful reflection over the 17 years -- and part of the reason I am promoting secession is that I believe it will bring us to the kind of government God would have for us (in the Bible, compare the government of the Judges with I Samuel 8-12).

Carol Moore Report said...

Check out community-based secession at my theoretical website SECESSION.NET and my recent article ISSUES IN SECESSION at After working on these issues for 30 odd years, it's great to see a movement growing, but a challenge because there are so many potential pitfalls. On the other hand, if we don't break up the large nation states, they'll probably break themselves up in a few years through world nuclear war. NOT the greatest way to do it!

Peter said...

I first discovered the secession movement through groups such as the Free State Project and Christian Exodus. And I was dismayed the Ohio had no such group. So, it is refreshing to find this blog.
One of the other bloggers wrote that an Ohio secession movement must honor God. Well, it is worth noting that our state motto is "With God all things are possible". Though my observation is that the best way to gain legitimacy is to unite with other secession groups.
We have to make people understand why secession is necessary. We have to make people understand the value of states rights. And we have to maintain the American desire for Liberty. In the words of Patrick Henry, "Give me Liberty or give me death!"

Anonymous said...

I agree with Harold Thomas. The movement must be secular. The founding fathers of the US figured this one out. There were a lot of different Christian groups living in the colonies and they didn't all get along or agree with each other.

Though Christians themselves, the founders knew that if they tried to do anything that favored one religious group over another, they wouldn't be able to form the Union.

Anonymous said...

I am not Christian but I am free and I will stay that way. Regaurdless of the laws passed I have stayed free because I refuse to allow the Federal Government to oppress me or mine. Any Government only has as much power and authority as the people allow them to have. Peaceful or not I am a citizen of the state of Ohio FIRST. Freedom by Right or Freedom by Might!

sariwat1 said...

I think secession from the Union is the only solution. I'm an athiest but I do believe in some of the good teachings of the different religions and philosophers. is the ohio freedom alliance website. We need to work together for freedom.

Anonymous said...

A suggestion ... Commission an independent poll to determine the level of public support for Ohio's secession, making absolutely sure to include a full description of the kind of republic you'd like to see Ohio become. My guess: you'll find support by about 15% of the state's population. There are too many people who benefit from funds provided by state and federal government. (Yes, I know those funds ultimatelhy come from taxpayers, but the state/federal governments disburse them.

Benja S. Sariwatta said...

there are many countries on this planet that was formed without honoring God. It is not a prerequisit and history proves it.

Anonymous said...

Are you people crazy?

Harold Thomas said...

No. Are you?

Anonymous said...

I think you need to include Indianna and West Virginia for like minded people, and WV has lots of usefull coal.

Anonymous said...

I am a native of Ohio living in Florida. I have also interviewed Harold Thomas in order to promote the concept of a free Ohio. I think Ohio has to be a free and sovereign Republic instead of being a mere colony of Washington.

Anonymous said...

This is my interview to promote Ohio Republic. Please feel free to use it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment in Now Public. I am the independent citizen journalist from Ohio [born in Akron, Ohio] who lives in Florida. My blog is The Alvarez Galloso News Hour and I interviewed you around the end of December 2007. I wanted to help the cause of an Ohio Republic since I am of the belief that the cause deserves attention especially when we are tied to a sinking ship called America.

Ohio Patriot said...

Since my own political party (Democrat) has decided to spit on the Constitution and treat its fellow Americans as if they had no right to know if their president is constitutionally eligible for his office, and the media are in full collaboration, I have decided that secession is the only way to free ourselves of the corrupt monster that Washington DC and the media have become.

wahoo09 said...

I dont see Washington allowing Ohio to break away peacefully.I'm not saber rattling , but they sure will.and you cant get to any of our ports w/o going through U.S. waterways . Also we must honor God, or at least the Christian values ,because w/o them we get what we now have going on in America.

wahoo09 said...

I forgot to mention that we should listen to George Washington and not have political parties,which is how he wanted it.

Harold Thomas said...

"you cant get to any of our ports w/o going through U.S. waterways."

Not true. Ohio's territorial waters extend to the middle of Lake Erie. Access to Canadian ports and the Atlantic can be made in Canadian territorial waters, although I suspect those are regulated by the treaty governing the St. Lawrence Seaway, to which an independent Ohio could become a signatory.

Terry said...

Well lets get started and quit talking. Whats next Mr. Thomas?????


Harold Thomas said...

We are doing something about it. Ohioans are not ready to think about independence just yet. We're getting more ready every day, but just get into a discussion with friends and see what reaction you get. I doubt that very many will be favorable.

This is why The Ohio Republic is promoting the State sovereignty resolutions HCR 11 and SCR 13 (see right panel). They help us build awareness of the issues that we have with the Federal Government. The best things you can do right now is to sign the State sovereignty petition, urge others to do the same, and contact your State Representative to back HCR 11.

If these resolutions resonate with Ohioans (and early indications are that public reaction has been favorable), and efforts in Ohio and other States persuade Washington to back down, then we can return to the United States as it was designed to operate under the Constitution. To me, this is preferable to independence, but I'm not holding my breath that it will happen.

If our efforts bear fruit in Ohio and Washington does not back down, we will be better prepared to take the next steps toward independence.

Anonymous said...

You said in the "mission statement" above:
While some previous movements for secession and states’ rights were intended to promote the supremacy of one race, the movement for the Ohio Republic is intended to end our relationship with a Federal Government that, despite claims to the contrary, actually oppresses minorities as much as (maybe more than) the rest of us.

That is exactly right and can used as a scalpel. With the long anti-discrimination, anti-slavery history of Ohio, it's Quaker heritage, the establishment of the first Free Black school in the US, Ohio is a study in contrast to the Federal liberals who work so hard to keep up the plantations.

Anonymous said...

Ok! I hear lots of talk about God , and how we should have him involved. That should be personal, and not adhere to whom that is we want to worship ! Our state is too diversified. That is the way it should be, because the world mirrors who we are. At the same time we have to prepare for this secession to work legally! Lets gain our independence then unite with states that want to do business, and maintain its independence away from Washington. Lets start legally! What is the first thing we must do to cause separation?

Anonymous said...

When people start talking God we should take heed and use that statement from the spiritual status in sacred places. We are so diverse, and that should be respected no matter what your religion. This has been a tool used against the masses since the beginning of time! So lets leave your God to you, and not compulsory ! When we allow our beliefs to succumb another, we are no better then Hitler. So if you the half wants to enslave blacks ,whites or Hispanic, then a vote should make haste of this type of oppressive gibberish!

We should bare in mind , that to enslave anyone is inhumane, and a crime against humanity. Isn't that the very reason we are fighting against a tyrannical, oppressive Government . If that is the case , then there is no need for secession, because that already exist!

That is why a racist can not even rule over one who looks like himself. ( Hitler), Hint! That is a flaw in the fabric of the male third eye, and is a prehistoric genetic malfunction equal to retardation, or animalistic knee jerking response without the subject being aware of his backward thinking! Anglos must come to their senses, and allow the humane part of your less driven alter-eagle to rule! Please!

This is no place for the Klan, Christian, Muslim,Jew , fanatics to implement your science on the masses to rule , because that makes you no better then the parasites that are planning your demise on Capitol Hill! If you think I am lying, then let me give you an example!

In Washington there is a monument that pays tribute to a man by the name of Albert Pike. This man created the Klan! Why would Washington pay tribute to such a being? Well his father,and lineage goes back to the days of Christ who were practicing Rabbi's who studied Masonry , Science, and Black Magic of the Egyptians! So all the white supremacist are being controlled by a Jewish Satanic, Illuminati, dirt bag that lived over one hundred years ago. What does that make the racist? A very dumb person!

So I challenge you all to think outside of the box, and think collectively, so that we can move humanity forward without allowing our personal belief to guild our most important decision to gain our independence! Leave our differences at home and fight for all of humanity! Let this secession begin!

Harold Thomas said...

To the last three Anonymous:
Thank you for your comments. Regarding my references to God, I stress what I wrote in the second comment to this thread:

"I am a Christian, but the Ohio secession movement must be secular (that is, in the sense of the First Amendment non-establishment any religion). Therefore I would amend your statement to read "For the Ohio secession movement to be successful, its members (especially leadership) must honor God."

God acts in the hearts of individuals, not directly on a collective level (which, by the way, is why "liberation theology" is a false doctrine).

How (or whether) individuals see God is up to them.

The first step toward independence is for us as Ohioans to start thinking like an independent nation. How can we take care of ourselves and work to make the feds irrelevant to us.

The second and third steps are to establish our own silver-based currency (which I like to call the "buckeye sterling", equal to one pre-1965 silver dollar), and to revive the state militia.

But do not think that this will occur from the Statehouse if either Mr. Kasich or Gov. Strickland are elected.

One writer said we should think outside the box. Two ways we need to do this:

- Remember that the lesser of two evils is still evil. We must vote for Libertarians or Constitutionalists when the Republicans and Democrats do not support what we believe.

- We need to remember that the Federal Government is incapable of changing itself at this point -- therefore it is pointless to worry about Congress or the Presidency. All of our action must take place at the state and local level.

Terry said...

Mr. Thomas, the last time I posted a question to you and said lets get it going you said that the time was not right and to wait and see how the state soverinty(sp)movement went. That was almost 2 years ago. How is that movement coming and is it time to start thinking about Ohio independence??


Harold Thomas said...


At the moment, things are a bit confused. Some people are looking to nullification; others think that, with President Obama's invasion of Libya, we are too far gone and should be considering secession.

The Tea Parties are all over the place. They want to reduce federal spending, but tend to trust the Republicans in Congress too much, and some of them still want to back the military abroad.

The question we all have to answer is, when should we decide that elections to Congress and the Presidency will no longer serve our interest as the people?

I will be doing a series in a week or two to help us clarify our thinking.

Harold Thomas said...

Short answer: We need to start thinking about independence.


Terry Akers said...

Ok, lets get started. What next??


Harold Thomas said...

If you are looking for a quick, easy solution, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. If a presidential campaign is a 440-yard run, the struggle for liberty is a double marathon.

If you can stand to listen to an intellectual for 32 minutes, listen to Jacob Huebert, a libertarian Columbus attorney who has given this considerable thought, in his "Is there hope for liberty in our lifetime?"

Beyond that, see what you need to know by looking at my Links page.

Get involved in the liberty movement (see right sidebar just above my Facebook badge).

Ohio is not ready to start a secessionist movement (much as I would desire that), but will be when the feds do something that angers us enough. The secessionists will come from the liberty movement; so start there, get involved -- if you are interested in candidates, concentrate on state candidates and accept that changing Congress and the Presidency is a waste of time. As you gain in knowledge, the answer that is right for you will emerge.